Food subscription box company Mantry increased average order value by 45.5%

As a company with limited development resources, Mantry partnered with the team at Convincify to help create and execute a testing strategy that would increase purchases and revenue per purchase. Mantry also relied on the team at Convincify to improve automated marketing campaigns and implement an effective lead capture strategy.

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Marketing Technology Advisement

“Convincify has been an invaluable partner for us over the last year as we have grown our business. I continue to be surprised by the breadth and depth of their knowledge in the digital space. As a new startup, they have been our Swiss Army Knife for digital marketing and testing.”

Tony Hancock
Co Founder, Mantry


With limited development and strategy resources, Mantry needed a way to create and execute effective tests.

In order to optimize current email marketing efforts, a new automated and drip email campaign strategy was needed.

To increase email newsletter subscribers a new lead collection method was required that offered real value to visitors and didn’t interfere with current sales performance.

Additional insight was needed from users and visitors about their motivations for purchasing and cancelling their subscriptions.


A single line of code including a Javascript file across the entire Mantry site allowed the Convincify team to run and manage tests remotely without any additional effort required by the team at Mantry.

The Google Analytics Content Experiments API was used to run and track A/B tests through Google Analytics, which Mantry already used for tracking visitors and sales.

Comprehensive email marketing strategy was developed that accounted for several different lead sources and customer segments.

A lead capture method that captured contact information of casual visitors and didn’t decrease sales was developed and implemented without any development needed from the Mantry team. The leads were stored in Mantry’s email service provider InfusionSoft and received a series of promotional emails.

A user feedback prompt was created to get feedback from visitors leaving the checkout process without having purchased and from users cancelling their subscription.


The average order value for gift purchases was increased by 45.5% through testing and optimizing the gift selection process.

Hundreds of additional leads were captured and marketed to through the use of an entry modal email capture campaign.

Valuable feedback from users cancelling their subscription helped provide even more insight into what customers wanted.

By testing an incentive for users to purchase more expensive gifts, average order values were increased by 27%.

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