The Testing Process

A well-defined and well-executed process is key to a successful testing program. This testing process has been developed and refined by our team through hundreds of tests over several years. It is the process we use to ensure success with every client.

1 Align with Business Goals & Objectives

The most important part of optimization is to understand the exact goals of your business. Understanding whether your business needs sales, revenue, leads, or visitors will make sure we focus our efforts on what drives the company. Some agencies fail to take this into account, optimizing for the wrong objectives and costing the business money and time.

2 Decode Analytics to Identify Opportunities

Decoding website analytics like user engagement, channel performance, goal completions, abandonment, funnel conversion, and more gives us the complete picture of how visitors use your site. With our many years in the analytics space, we often help companies augment their current analytics program to better measure and understand what users are truly doing on their site. In addition, we start each engagement with a metrics audit to see if there are any issues with tracking that might be distorting the true analytics picture.

3 Create Optimized Versions of Your Site to Improve Conversion

Based on our analysis, we form testing hypotheses and create new versions of your pages/processes designed to get visitors to convert more often. What separates us from the rest is this can usually be accomplished with no IT involvement — that means quicker time to market and quicker results.

4 Conduct A/B Test to Prove Which Version Performs Better for Your Visitors

The new versions of your pages and processes are then tested against each other using real visitors and customers. The conversion and user journey analytics are tracked and compared to statistically prove which versions perform better. Many conversion agencies will stop at just telling you which button or headline received more clicks. We do the deeper test analysis, measuring the bottom-line business metrics such as true conversions, cost per sale, revenue per visitor, Revenue on Ad Spend (ROAS), etc.

5 Analyze Test Results and Profit!

The validity of the test results are measured and the results interpreted to find out if the hypothesis was correct. Our job is to distill the story of what the test proved based on your user/customer behaviors, and what to do as a result. We realize agility and best use of time are key.

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